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and put a lot of plans in action. the original call was for mr. zimmerman to be sitting in front of his peers and judged. and now in the hands of the jury has happen and we have to respect that system. >> there are those who believe no matter what happens, this is not going to satisfy everyone. and the case has become to politicized. >> any time you are sitting in a jury and making decisions along these lines, you are never going to please everybody and we see that in politics every day. it is a part of the system. and you have the right as an american to demonstrate and to make your voice heard, you have to do it peacefully and that is the message that we are talking about and our pastors and groups, and they are roaching out to the congregations, you are welcome to say what you need to say and your thoughts and opinions on it, but i can't stress enough, but he's in front of the jury of his peers and a lot of people will not like. it >> why were the pastors out there preementing. a lot of people believed it was not necessary and one was planting the seeds of potential violence by havin
. the law is in favor of mr. zimmerman and matter of his perception the way he found himself getting injured. >> gregg: did he reasonably believe, i'm reading from the jury instructions to do what he did. what is interesting in florida once you invoke self-defense, it shifts the burden from the defense to the prosecution to disprove beyond a reasonable doubt self-defensive. >> that is where they are weak. they don't have the evidence to disprove it. they have the evidence to create a doubt and how severe were the injuries and you got this fighting issue between the medical examiner who said the cuts aren't serious and indicative of severe pockets to his head that should have required him going to an e.r., all you can do is raise a doubt --. >> gregg: subject of injuries, mark o'mara did precisely. that he basically told the jurors, zimmerman may not be injured at all to defense himself. take a listen. >> zero, zero. no injuries necessary to respond with deadly force. not on cut on his finger. the statute is clear. reasonable fear of bodily harm. >> gregg: all right. there he did drive it hom
unable to defend themselves. >> jennifer, how -- has that been proven? >> that's clear stated that mr. zimmerman did everything he possibly could before pulling that trigger to get himself out of that point apparently, he was in harm's way and he feared for his life, according to the testimony. >> that's right, and that's according to zimmerman's statement. he didn't take the stand, and i personally think that was a mistake, as a defense attorney, i think he needed to get up there and testify and persuade this jury that hey, yeah, i walked away. i walked away, and he -- he's the one that came after me after that, i may have approached him, i didn't throw a punch, i different do this, but he came after me, he didn't do that. and there were contradictions. and he was caught in inconsistent statements which is going to bear on his credibility. and that's why i think the jury may be struggling with this to some degree. can we expect zimmerman's story? it's not his burden, but we're inclined to infer what the prosecution has asked us to infer, that he was the person that started this, and
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3